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Test Date 30 March 2024

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K K Khandelwal taught a total of 16 students in various years and all of them cracked IIT-JEE (Advanced). Seven of them cracked IIT with rank within AIR 1000. Thus, his success rate has been 100% so far.
It so happened in the year 2009 that while Shri Khandelwal was engaged with the hectic schedule of his key assignments in the Govt. of Jharkhand, his elder son Ankur went through the ordeal of joining coaching classes in Ranchi as well as in Kota (Rajasthan) without much success. Finding no other way out, the concerned father decided to guide his son all by himself. He personally taught Ankur Physics & Mathematics who got through IIT-JEE (Adv) in 2011 with AIR 570.
The avowed aim of KHANDELWAL CLASSES is to prepare the students for successfully cracking IIT-JEE (Advanced). The following means are to be adopted for achieving the desired result: Shri Khandelwal though not satisfied with the above outcome, was convinced about his inherent knack for teaching and hence decided to guide his younger son Anupam who was appearing for IIT-JEE (Adv) in 2013. His nephew Aniket too joined Anupam. Both of them learned Physics and Mathematics from Shri Khandelwal exclusively. There was no interference or guidance from anyone in teaching Physics and Mathematics to them except K K Khandelwal.
Anupam secured AIR 9 in JEE (Adv.) 2013, with the highest marks in Mathematics in the country and 100% marks in Physics Paper-2. Aniket got through with AIR 56 and secured 100% marks in Physics Paper-1. Anupam was also a Zonal topper from IIT Kharagpur Zone (which comprises West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand, Part of Bihar, Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, and a few other states). Since the creation of Jharkhand, Anupam Khandelwal has been the best rank holder in IIT-JEE  (Adv). While Anupam was the topper, Aniket Khandelwal was 2nd topper from the entire Jharkhand as well as Bihar.
It is worthwhile to mention that in the 2013 IIT- JEE (Adv) exam, the cut-off marks for the selection from the General category was 152 out of 360. Interestingly Anupam secured 168 out of 180 marks in the 2nd paper itself. Thus, he could have gotten into IIT on the basis of marks secured in 2nd paper only.
As a father of two young sons, sending both of them to IIT would have normally been the ending of the story. But K K Khandelwal was not content to sit on his laurels. While teaching his wards he developed his passion for teaching and experienced eternal joy within him. He further continued with his passion and decided to teach a few more students. Despite his pressing official engagements, he managed to teach some students Physics and Mathematics. Including his sons, he taught a total of 16 students over various years and all of them cracked IIT-JEE (Advanced). Seven of them cracked IIT with a rank within AIR 1000. Thus, his success rate has been 100% so far.
Driven by his passion to see as many students get through IIT-JEE (Advanced), K K Khandelwal has decided to start a full-fledged coaching institute namely ‘Khandelwal Classes’ after retirement. In past, he had a very hectic schedule working as a senior administrative officer in the government, and despite that, he has proved his extraordinary capability of teaching. Now after retirement, he has 24×7 time to fulfill his dream and to guide the students. Thus, now is your time to get benefited from his unparallel teaching skills.

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Cracking IIT with a good rank is not a mystery but simply an art of joyful learning with conceptual clarity from a capable faculty like KK Khandelwal and a team of top IITian faculty. The basic concepts to clear JEE (Advanced) are built before the actual preparation starts. We believe in high quality in-depth conceptual teaching and problem solving by various methods, rigorous practice, regular tests and intensive doubt-clearing classes.

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